Process Flow Automation

Unified Automation

Increase your Efficiency with Automation

Built to Automate through User-friendly Integration

Automate Tasks

Integrated with a number of apps and connectors to allow for automating manual tasks with no or low-code.

Change Process

Integrate your change and document process to remove manual steps and get to the change quicker.

Built in Microsoft 365

Connected within 365 and to external apps for a Unified Automation Xperience.

Automate manual tasks

Build uniquely tailored automation

Integrate with company applications

Setup approval steps for employees

Web & App interface for quick access

Start with templates or roll your own

Integrate Document Change Process

Setup per-user or per-team workflows

Deeply integrated across 365 services

Now you can quickly create processes – from push notifications when important emails arrive(sub-folders included), synchronize files as they arrive in SharePoint, automatically save email attachments to Groups, filter twitter feeds and much more…

Inspire Innovation within your Organization through easy, intuitive and feature rich tools. Automate integrates tightly across services, providing an opportunity to tailor automation for your environment.  Go even further with bot development, providing personalized responses for your website visitors, process orders and improve overall Xperience.

Create tailored processes through a natural web or app interface and update on the fly. No longer requiring extensive code just to create an automated task, create, change, remove all within one clean interface.


Is Automate included within Microsoft 365?

Yes – included with Pro and Pro X plans.

Where is Automate within Microsoft 365?

Sign-in to your Suite here and browse your Apps in the upper-left navigation. Here you will have the option to select Automate, if you have an administrator taking care of your services – you may need to ask to enable.

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