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Windows Outlook

M365 Windows Outlook Sync

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Open Outlook and Startup wizard displays automatically, first page of the wizard, click Next.

Setting up on New Outlook Install

Next on the Auto Account Setup page of the wizard, Outlook will perform an online search to find your e-mail server settings. You’ll be prompted to enter your user name and password during this search. Make sure that you enter your full e-mail address (for example, you@yourcompany.com) as your user name.

Once setup completes you see – Your e-mail account is successfully configured. Click Finish.

All done, start using Outlook!

Setting up on Existing Outlook Install

Proceed to Windows Control Panel and select Mail option within

Now you can add an account – this starts the wizard for automatically setting up

Enter your full name, email address and corresponding password to initiate setup

Once complete, click finish and close Outlook – re-open to see your new account

Syncing of the account will start automatically – you are done!

*Note: Requires Outlook(2016 +) version to provide a true Sync

*Domain Setup for Sync

Domain Setup

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First you need a domain to register with Microsoft 365

If you have a domain, obtain log-in information to manage the domain

Need a domain? you can register one here

Then proceed to domain within Microsoft 365 and step through adding domain

Here you add the domain and then verify with the appropriate records

Once verified, now add all the appropriate domain records as noted within Microsoft 365

Verify all records within verification steps

Updating users will now match their sign-in to your domain (you@yourdomain.com)

Signing into Microsoft 365 will now use your updated user name matching your custom email.

*Once your domain has been setup, you can now proceed with the steps to Sync your devices however there is sometimes a waiting period. When updating a domain the records at your domain provider may take time to update, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to 48-hours, depends on your domain registrar.

10 Business Sign-on

10 Business Sign-on

ONE Unified Sign-on Xperience

Seamless upgrade from 10 Pro without any steps required, sign-in with 365 and upgrade happens silently.

EndPoint Protection with InTune

Central User sign-in Management

Integrates tightly with 365/AzureAD

Single Sign-in with Microsoft 365

Auto-Pilot for quick hands-off device setup

Enhanced mobile user protection

Integrated Sign-in across 365 Services

Windows 10 Business is included within Suite Pro X – The Windows version that’s built to integrate with your Business, personalized to each-user and comes with built-in enhanced protection to keep you safe.

Sync all your devices

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