Server Status

View & Control Status of Server Power

Power Up, Reboot or Shutdown

Easily view current status and control power to boot, reboot or shutdown.

VNC Console

Enable / Disable VNC Console to view server with a direct connection window.

Reboot Anytime

Need to reboot due to an application error, easily reboot within dashboard.

CPU / Memory

View server loads with real-time / history graphs and make quality decisions.

Integrated Dashboard

LoneSync Server Dashboard

LoneSync Server Dashboard

Personalize and Spin-up Quick & Easily

Dedicated bandwidth and IP for your Server(s).

Monitor stats of server and network in real-time.

DDoS + Firewall Protection

Rebuild & Re-install Server

Static IP + Anycast DNS

Stop, Start and Reboot Servers at anytime.

Tasks History to see result of each request performed.

View Current Status of each Server and Details.

Easy auto-renew on monthly or yearly plan.

Easy to self-cancel any service within Dashboard.

Flexible to change plans up or down anytime.

Server Features

Control Server Status

– Start or Restart Server.

– Shutdown Server Anytime.

LoneSync Server Dashboard Overview

Clean OS Install process and layout, select and setup.

– Sleek OS install process.

– Easy to personalize too.

LoneSync Server Dashboard Install

View your server create and spin-up in real-time.

– Visual status as each step starts and completes.

– Easy to view progress.

LoneSync Server Dashboard Build

Server CPU, Disk, Memory and Network Stats.

– Quickly view current and history stats for easy monitoring.

– Intuitive Scale & Coloring.


VNC Connection Details.

– Access within Browser.

– Also connect Remotely.

Rebuild Server with a fresh install at any time.

– Start fresh and continue without changing servers.

– Removes all data and allows for selecting another OS.

LoneSync Server Dashboard Rebuild

View Task History to see how each operation completed.

– Logs starts, stops…snapshots, firewall rules and more.

– Current and past history.

OUX Cloud Server Tasks

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