VPN Free Trial

VPN Free Trial with No Limits

Privacy, Protection and Improved On-line Xperience with your Private Lync

ONE Location

Travel across Any Network and maintain that feel of being on ONE Network. Apps & Services simply run much smoother.

Protecting You

Enhanced Privacy, Protection and Improved online Xperience with your own Private Lync. Securing You & Your Devices.

Connect Anywhere

Enjoy a smoother Xperience while working from home, remotely, at the office, or travelling. Feels like ONE Lync Anywhere.

Less Addons

Connect using built-in VPN options within your device. Cross-platform for Android, Apple, Linux & Windows.

3-Day Free Trial

Lync Trial with NO commitment

Lync Features

Private Internet Access

256-Bit Encryption

Connect Anywhere

Secure & Private Lync

Private DNS


Cross Platform - Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

Connect your desktop, smartphone, laptop....

Lync Setup

Easy to Connect as Private Lync works with your devices built-in settings.


What protocols are supported?

Multiple Protocols are supported for flexibility - L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, PPTP

How many devices can I connect?

Connect up to 5-devices simultaneously.

Countries available for my Private Lync?

With Lync you can connect to or from any of the locations listed here.

Does the Trial require a credit card?

No - you can add one to make upgrade to a plan easier, or simply select PayPal option to continue. PayPal option allows you to proceed with no payment or subscription required.

During Free Trial - can I upgrade to a paid plan without changes?

Yes - a Free Trial can be upgraded at anytime within trial period, which simply moves from trial to paid plan with no changes.

Does Trial Require Cancellation if I do not upgrade to a paid plan?

No - Trial will only run for the trial period and then cancel itself, with no additional action or obligation. If you choose to upgrade, then you have the option to renew - otherwise trial will cancel itself.

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