M365 Exchange

Integrated Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks…

Do More with Unified in-Sync Email Xperience.


Personalized Professional Email, promoting your Unique and Authentic Brand.

Junk & Malware Protection

Keeping you safe with built-in Junk/Spam and Malware defense.

Built in M365 Suite

(you@yourbrand…) is now your Unified Sign-in across M365 Suite.

Cross Platform Sync

Sync Android, Apple and Windows – built-in ActiveSync or Outlook.

Exchange Features

Custom Email Sync & Storage (you@yourbrand…)

Advance Threat Protection

Beautiful Web Mail with Full Sync Across Devices

Tasks, Notes, Calendar, Files, Email…all in Sync

Continuously updated with New Features

Seamless Real-time Sync over-the-air Anywhere

Replace CalDav/CardDav with built-in ActiveSync

Auto-Provision for NO Manual Device Setup

Exchange Web App

Beautiful Web Mail with Dark Theme & Custom Branding.

– in-Sync with your Devices

– All items are Synced, send, replies, delete, junk….etc.

– Automatic & Easy to Use

M365 Suite Exchange Web Inbox

Integrated Calendar with Options for Meetings, Travel…etc.

– in-Sync with your Devices

– Automatic Update Syncing

Integrated Contacts with Options for Groups, Shared…etc.

– in-Sync with your Devices for a Unified Contact List.

– Automatic Contact Syncing

Unified Settings Panel to fine-tune your Outlook Xperience.

– Adjust Layout for a personalized overview of email, calendar…

– Create and Manage mail sorting rules, junk email and more…

M365 Suite Exchange Settings

Right-Click menu options to easily sort and manage email.

– Quickly delete, mark read, create automatic rules….etc.

– Flag emails to add a reminder, pin, snooze and much more.

Full Admin Center for Unified Company Management.

– Manage users, devices, apps, protection, reports….etc.

– Access multiple areas within a Central Admin Xperience.

M365 Suite Admin Center

Outlook Web Guides

Mobile Devices
Storage Details
Deleted Recovery
Out of Office
Focused Inbox
Contacts Display

Get Outlook for your(Android, Apple, Windows…) and Do More Anywhere!


Is Exchange Email personalized?

Yes – Suite takes care of branded(@yourbrand…) email across all your devices.

Is SPAM/Malware Protection built-in and included?

Yes – premium protection is built-in at the server(cloud) level so all your devices have the same Xperience. Which means you do not install any add-ons or manage any third-party apps – it’s intelligent and continuously learns how to protect against new threats.

Is Junk/SPAM just tagged or actually filtered?

Junk email is filtered into your built-in junk email folder, makes for easy sorting and not mixed within your inbox. This is done in real-time so there is little to no delay with incoming email, not making you wait for days.

At the same time, only junk email that may be relevant is delivered and the rest is quietly discarded for you. Keeping your folders clean – should you have a desire to customize filtering – these options are also built-in

Is Pricing Inclusive?

Yes – you get premium email service and full protection inclusive – ready to start accepting and filter email within minutes of setting up your accounts.

Can I use my existing domain?

Yes – simply by updating MX records along with a couple others your existing domain will begin accepting mail here.

Is Auto-Discover for Automatic Device Setup included?

Yes – auto-discover is one of the DNS records added to your domain(autodiscover.yourdomain…) for easy device configuration. Once configured, your devices will look for this record to auto-configure.

Is ActiveSync included for all my devices?

Yes – ActiveSync is included for all your devices, Simultaneously Sync up to 5-devices Automatically.

On top of the 5-devices with ActiveSync, you get the ability to connect 5 more devices running Office version of Outlook. Since Outlook connects via MAPI this frees up ActiveSync for only the devices that require such as your mobile(Android, Apple, Windows, BlackBerry) phone, tablets and others.

Can I get a personalized domain?

Yes – you can get a domain here and comes with full DNS management tools and DDoS protection.

Where can I access Email in M365 Suite?

Sign-in to your Suite here and browse your Apps in the upper-left navigation. Here you will have the option to select Outlook, if you have an administrator taking care of your services – you may need to ask to enable.

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