OUX Cloud

ONE Unified Xperience Cloud Solutions

Easy to Use Hosting Tools

Dashboard provides a clean and intuitive interface to manage files, plugins, sync, clone….more.

LoneSync WordPress Cloud Hosting - Security Measures

Check Security with easy to use options for enabling protection and viewing vulnerabilities.

Manage Files with a Clean & Unified File Manager built-in, there is no need for FTP.

LoneSync WordPress Cloud Hosting - File Manager
LoneSync WordPress Cloud Hosting - Database Manager

Manage Database with easy to use built-in Manager, export/import, view and edit DB with phpMyAdmin.

OUX Cloud Hosting Features

Domain, Sub-Domain and Domain Alias Management.

SSL Management with Auto Provisioning & Renewal.

Log viewer to help with diagnosing errors.

PHP version handling.

Sleek Unified Management of WordPress Settings.

Easy to Clone existing installs for dev & testing.

File Editor built-in, make adjustments to code, css…etc.

Upload files or directories with built-in file manager.

Restore to a point in time of your last save/backup.

Quick Editing built-in for files & database.

Image and File Viewer.

Sync changes from previous during migration or dev.

Auto redirect http to http(s) for a secure presence.

Enhanced Site Security with HSTS & OCSP Stapling.

Secure domain aliases in tandem with main domain.


DIY WP Tools & Hosting

Ideal for Customizing WordPress

Use your own preferred Plug-ins

Install your own Tools & Theme

Adjust Plan Level Anytime

Web Studio

Designer and Hosting

Ideal for Creating & Less Tech

Ready to Design & Built on WP

Unified & Managed Solution

Adjust Plan Level Anytime

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