Exchange ONE Unified Email Xperience

powered by Office 365

Exchange provides you with a Unified Email Xperience through integrated(Contacts, Calendar, Tasks…) and built-in Protection.  Personalized to you and your brand(you@youbrand….).

Built to Sync all your devices(Android, Apple, Windows) using ActiveSync which is already baked-in your mobile device so you no longer require add-ons – just connect!

Your devices get the full Xperience of being able to Automatically Sync (emails/contacts/calendar/tasks…), spam protection and more.

You get a Unified Email Xperience across your devices & brand – email is more than just email it’s self, you need the contents and history of communication.  This is where Exchange really shines through the ability to keep all your devices on the same page, no longer relying on one device is freedomMove freely between devices – your desktop, laptop….smartphone – for true mobility!

Exchange Features

  • Built-in Protection Included
  • Includes SPAM Management
  • Intelligent Malware Protection
  • Unified Sync for All your Devices
  • Integrated (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks..)

Exchange Xperience

  • Personalized to you (you@yourbrand…)
  • Cross-Platform Sync for all your devices
  • Connect with Outlook/Outlook Web/Apps
  • Sync 5-mobile devices + 5 Outlook devices
  • Auto-discover setup for auto configuration

Exchange FAQs

  • Yes – ONUX Suite specializes in personalized(custom) email and includes Exchange Email.