Email Protection ONE Unified Protection Xperience

powered by Office 365

Email Protection built-in with a Seamless design and Xperience across all your devices.  An Xperience which is personalized based on your usage and continually learns and automatically updates protection methods.

Built-in protection means no add-ons to install or manage third-party services for protection.  You get a Unified Protection Platform with intuitive and integrated protection which provides you with ONE Xperience across all your devices.  No longer is your protection dependent on per-device; such as your desktop/laptop protected while your SmartPhone is limited – now your protection is Unified!

Unified Protection helps you and your team become more efficient, when services simply run smooth it leads to getting so much more completed in the day.  With intelligence built-in, you can get back to doing what you do best with less hurdles and interruptions.

Email Protection Features

  • Built-in Protection Included
  • Includes SPAM Management
  • Intelligent Malware Protection
  • Unified Sync for All your Devices
  • Integrated (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks..)

Unified Protection

  • ONE Management Xperience
  • Automatic & Configurable Options
  • Virus / Malware & Intelligent filtering
  • Phishing / Redirect / iFrames…
  • No add-ons with built-in protection

Email Protection FAQs

  • Yes – premium protection is built-in at the server/cloud level so all your devices have the same Xperience. Which means you do not install any add-ons or manage any third-party apps – it’s intelligent and continuously learns how to protect against new threats.

  • Junk email is filtered into your built-in junk email folder, makes for easy sorting and not mixed within your inbox. This is done in real-time so there is little to no delay with incoming email, not making you wait for days.

    At the same time, only junk email that may be relevant is delivered and the rest is quietly discarded for you. Keeping your folders clean – should you have a desire to customize filtering – these options are also built-in.

  • Yes – you get premium email service and full protection inclusive – ready to start accepting and filter email within minutes of setting up your accounts.

  • Yes – simply by updating MX records along with a couple others your existing domain will begin accepting mail here.