AzureAD FRX ONE Unified Sign-in Xperience

First Run Xperience

If you have Office 365 for Business or Microsoft 365 then you are ready to prep for First Run Xperience(FRX).  This is applicable when you have a new device and starting at the launch of starting it up for the first-time.  Or if you have re-installed Windows 10 for a fresh start.

*Connecting with an existing user? Try ERX(Existing Run Xperience).

AzureAD only for Windows 10 Pro or Ent with latest updates

AzureAD FRX Steps

  1. FRX can be completed Anywhere – at the Office/Home/Mountain…
  2. When starting up for the first-time, you should be presented by a screen mentioning Getting Ready…
  3. Next a screen to customize settings such as region and language.
  4. AzureAD FRX 01
  5. Select the preferred Network you want to use.
  6. Click This device belongs to my organization
  7. AzureAD FRX 02
  8. Enter your 365 credentials(work email/password) and select sign-in to proceed.
  9. AzureAD FRX 03
  10. From here your device will be provisioned and on to your desktop through automatic sign-in.  
  11. AzureAD FRX 04
  12. Above is an example of details you will now see within Access work or school settings.
  13. Now your device will provide you with seamless access to 365 related services online and on your device.

Managing within AzureAD Portal

  1. Within AzureAD Portal – you will see the device listed within shortly following.
  2. AzureAD_CDX_Portal
  3. Centrally manage all devices and provide continual provisioning of protection and policy management.
  4. Optionally verify on the device via command (dsregcmd /status) – which shows Yes for AzureAD Joined
  5. AzureAD FRX 05