Insightful Solution Support
C$ 32
per-month($325 / year)
  • One-on-One Personalized Support
  • Microsoft 365 / inTune / AzureAD
  • Domain / DNS / Web / SharePoint
  • Seamless Request Managment
  • *30-mins+ per-month


Solution Planning & Management
C$ 50
per-month($500 / year)
  • One-on-One Solution Consultation
  • Microsoft 365 / inTune / AzureAD
  • Domain / DNS / Web / SharePoint
  • Unified Team Mobility Planning
  • Seamless Request Managment
  • *30-mins+ per-month


Solution Development & Implementation
C$ 125 per-month($1250 / year)
  • One-on-One Solution Management
  • Business Planning & Development
  • Microsoft 365 / inTune / AzureAD
  • Domain / DNS / Web / SharePoint
  • Unified Team Mobility Planning
  • Seamless Request Management
  • Dedicated Online Acct. Portal
  • *1-hr+ per-month

ONUX Solution

ONUX Solution is best know for taking that long or high-level view of an overall solution.  Where instead of looking at just one area, it's looking at the overall picture including how this works for your business goals, users, clients...etc.  Having the ability to look over your current environment and see the opportunities for improving and developing a plan to achieve this goal in a Unified Xperience.

Unified Xperience

Within this high-level view is the opportunity for a Unified Xperience.  Where your solution is more about the Xperience for your business, users and clients.  Which in turn helps to foster and build an exciting environment which empowers users and feels like One Company.

Specializing in:

  • Business Solution Planning & Integration with Microsoft 365
  • Domain Management for improved branding & presence
  • Workflow Automation Solution Planning & Integration
  • Innovative Solutions improving Efficiency & Xperience

ONUX Solution FAQs

Yes - start with what you feel will be appropriate, or reach out for help to plan.  As you grow additional time can be added anytime and will be pro-rated based on renewal cycle.

Yes - your suite can be fully managed for you while keeping you updated on all interaction.  Including continual planning to personalize services and features beneficial for your business.

Yes - Updated plans help to better accommodate with appropriate discounts.

Yes - Each plan level has reserved time for your company, this is per-month and dedicated to your business needs.  Time is efficiently used per-month based on your projects and requests.

*Reserved means a real person is working with your business.  Since this is a highly personalized service for you, reserved time helps to maintain quality.  Therefore your reserved hours are a commitment of availability, if a particular month does not require full amount, there is no roll-over, refund or other.  Should you require less time on a continual basis, LoneSync will reach out to discuss alternative options personalized for you.

**Reserved time is for business hours only - additional time outside of business hours and holidays, requires an extended hours plan.

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