Skype Business

Online Meetings with Skype Business

One Integrated Meeting Solution


With Office 365 for Work, - Online Meetings Solution is built-in Skype for Business.  Quickly connect and establish meetings with your team and partners, through seamless tools.

Skype Online Meetings gives you the ability to connect with audio, video, and web conferencing.  Where you can schedule a meeting in advance, or connect and start one at anytime. 

Connect up to 250 people with flexibility to join using smartphones, tablets, PC's, phone and meeting room devices.


Online Meetings Features

Join in a single touch - connect with a single touch or click within your Outlook calendar, meeting reminder, or within Skype for Business App.

Multi-Party HD Video Conferencing becomes a natural part of your meetings, through easy-to-use collaboration tools with 1080p resolution and 6 people shown live simultaneously.

Share Content - work together better, more efficiently and without traditional barriers.  With real-time co-authoring, desktop and application sharing, your team feels truly connected.

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Online Meetings Broadcast

Skype for Business Meetings Broadcast extends your reach for up to 10,000 attendees for webinars, all-hands meetings and many other one-to-many presentations.

Producer Controls integrated for control over the entire experience, manage using one touch to choose how attendees see video, content, or both.  Integrated for no additional learning required.

Premium Streaming via Azure - broadcast your meeting simply by using a browser on nearly any device.  Watch in real-time or following the meeting with high performance content delivery provided by Microsoft Azure.  Quickly pause, rewind, and forward with a touch.

PSTN Conferencing

PSTN Conferencing built-in - allows anyone to join your Skype Meetings simply by using a telephone.  Flexible for connecting to your meeting anytime or anyplace without the need for internet access.  Included as part of part of Office 365 for Work.


Local dial-in numbers - numbers are automatically included within every Skype Meeting invite, choose a local dial-in number in many countries around the globe and reduce calling charges.

Easily dial-out to your contacts - connect anyone to your Skype Meeting in real-time, simply through clicking on contacts or entering a phone number to be connected.

Meeting control and roster view - within your online meeting, you can use the roster to see who has joined your meeting via internet or phone.  See who's speaking, mute participants in noisy environments and more with a touch.

Skype for Business Room System

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Fast and familiar experience - Join a meeting with one touch of the device when you enter a meeting room.  Take advantage of the similarity of using your smartphone, tablet and PC environments. 


Microsoft Surface Hub - add a powerful team collaboration device designed to enhance the online meeting experience.  Helping to provide a more natural way of bringing people together.

Skype Room Systems Partners - connect with partners building specific devices around Skype for Business, enhancing usability with premium hardware built for your environment. 

Creston, Polycom and SMART are a few partners making it easy to bring remote attendees together.