Office 365 Teams

With Office 365 Business, you get host of features and Office 365 Teams lets you and your team work the way you want.  Easily chat with your team, share conversations, attach files and share your happiness through emojis, personalized animated GIFs.   Allowing you and your team to get started with full context of all project information shared across conversations, files, notebooks and meetings.

Quick Office 365 Teams Overview

Office 365 Teams helps you overcome the challenges of efficiently collaborating with your team and partners.  When working together there can be allot of information to keep track.  Emails, Conversations and Calls and documents stored and shared. 

Teams enables teams to come together through a unified experience, where all this information can be captured as a team.  Simplifies creating team work spaces, simply create in one central location and all services spin-up for you automatically. 

Collaboration is enhanced through being integrated with the services you work with on a regular basis.  Services like OneNote, Power BI and Dynamics CRM.  When users join the team, they immediately get access to all of the work of the team and projects.