Office 365 Connectors

Track your Apps with Office 365 Connectors

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With Office 365 Connectors you can track the information you care about from popular apps and services.  Such as tracking activity from your Twitter feed or a project with Trello and more.

Information is delivered to your Office 365 Group to share with you and your team.  Easily collaborate and interact with the updates seamlessly across your company.

Office 365 Connectors Overview


An example of Bing News and Twitter within Groups

onux office 365 connectors

Office 365 Connectors tracks key activity when something changes, such as a new tweet on a twitter feed or sales opportunity within Salesforce.  At the same time you can track updates made to a Trello board, triggers on PagerDuty and many more.

With over 50 Office Connectors and more coming very soon, you can track just about anything that's important to you.  Connectors are included with our Office 365 Business plans at no additional cost and very easy to setup within Groups.

In the near future, Connectors will be added to Outlook inbox for individuals to use privately.  As well you will see connectors become available across additional Office 365 services.

Connectors are now available within Outlook, Outlook on the Web or the Outlook Groups mobile app.