ONUX Email Protection

Premium Email Protection keeping you productive

Seamless Email Protection Across Devices

Mobile Device Protection

Desktop and Web Access Protection

Built-in with no Add-ons or extra steps

No additional steps to check spam

Built-in Premium Virus & Spam Protection

Smart filtering across all devices

It's as simple as selecting O365 Essentials or Premium within our ONUX Suites and you have premium email protection for all your devices.  Built-in for a seamless Xperience Anywhere you go on Any device.

Email Protection that Protects You

ONUX Email Protection

Email protection should provide you with a seamless shield of protection across all your devices and network.  Where your protection suite is smart, intuitive and simply takes care of your company services for you.

With Office 365 Business, Premium Protection is built-in to the service and protection any device connected.  Includes Smart Filtering to know what is pure junk and what you might want to see, while leaving you in full control at all times.

Smart Junk Email Protection

While most Junk Email Protection services simply deliver all email to you, expecting you to filter email.  Our solution knows you don't have extra hours just to sort through Junk Email.

Therefore Smart Filtering is built-in, knowing what is pure junk and simply keeping this out of your inbox.  Then delivering what is legit and what you might want to see, while giving you control throughout.

ONUX Email Protection

No Extra Filtering Process

ONUX email protection

Junk Email filtering can be time consuming, however with ONUX Suites and Office 365, you no longer have a separate filtering process.  It's real-time delivery of all emails, sorted smartly between your inbox and junk email.

No longer do you need to log-in into another console to allow junk email, or click through another process.  This is all done for you, it's very user-friendly and you can finally enjoy using email again!

All ONUX Suites with O365 Essentials/Premium include Premium Filtering, whether you are a sole entrepreneur or Enterprise.  You get the same level of protection and ease-of-use, a natural and intuitive experience.