ONUX DNS ONE Unified Xperience Network

DNS(Domain Name Servers) provide a Unified Xperience for your Domain.   Helping to guide your visitors to your branded services, starting with a website (www.yourbrand…) to email (you@yourbrand…), apps (app.yourbrand…) and so on.

Anytime a visitor comes to your site, their device uses DNS to find the location of your website.  Your website address(www.yourbrand…) converts into an IP address which is located on a server(cloud).  Visitor types in the website name and DNS looks up server and sends the visitor to your site.  This all happens very quickly and should not delay visits to your website.  Same as email and any of your services, each time a look-up is performed it needs to be quick, reliable and close to your visitor.

This is why DNS is important for your brandYour visitors come from Anywhere – using a geo-distributed network for DNS helps to bring your site closer to their location.  Reducing latency(site loading response) and providing a quality Xperience for visitors Anywhere!

DNS Features

  • Managed & Protected DNS
  • DDoS protection built-in
  • Full DNS Records Management
  • AnyCast Global DNS Network
  • Geo-Redundant & Localized

Managed DNS

  • Continuously updated in real-time
  • Load balanced for optimum performance
  • Global record updates within minutes
  • Smart Geographical network routing
  • All records support (SRV, CNAME, ALIAS…)