ONUX DNS Canada Plan

DNS is your ONE critical element for all your connected services.  ONUX provides a Unified Xperience for your DNS through a mesh of connected points across the globe.  Which means your visitors get a smooth and reliable connection to your website, email and any other online service using your domain.


1 AnyCast w/DDoS Protected Domain
Manage Settings w/real-time updates
Update Records for Any Service
Easy-to-use Management Panel
Works with Any Domain

ONUX DNS 1 : C$12.48

domain / per year

What is DNS?

DNS is like a directory, where all your records for your email, website and other services are held.  When you type in a website address (ex. www.lonesync.com), there is a look-up against a Domain Name Server to find out where this website resides.  Same as when you send an email, open a program, turn on your phone,...etc.  All of which have services looking to connect, which in turn ask a DNS server where to connect to the service.

Lookups have to be fast, consistent and available around the globe for all visitors,  AnyCast technology helps to get that answer to your visitors in the shortest amount of time.  This all attributes of how fast a user can get to your website, this is where our DNS comes in to keep your visitors happy and your business online anytime.

DNS is the ONE item that is the most critical for your business, if this is unavailable, slow or intermittent this affects all your services.  Not just email, website or other service....ALL services are affected and leaves you off-line.


ONUX DNS is custom built on unified layers of protection to keep you online.

Features included:

Unlimited DNS Records
DNS DDoS Protection
Reverse DNS Zones
Secondary DNS Zones
TTL Settings per Record
Flexible to +/- zones
No minimum domains

Full Self Serve Options

Pay for only what you need

No Contracts or Setup Fees

1-to-1 Concierge Options

Credit Card or PayPal

Self Cancel Anytime

ONUX DNS built for Your Business

Your Business now has access to an extensive list of affordable enterprise grade cloud services.  So why settle for sub-par uptime or website speeds?  ONUX DNS is built efficiently allowing us to provide you with a High Quality service at a price you can afford.


I would like to know more about ONUX DNS CA Plan
ONUX DNS is a service designed and powered by LoneSync - while ONUX DNS is new, we have been providing this service since 2010 inclusive with domains.  However as we provide service to our growing client base we've found quality DNS services are lacking quality business help. With the importance of DNS to your business, there should be an understanding from the providers side of how to help you with the best setup.  All to often we run into 'tech talk' or high price without a quality of service. LoneSync decided to provide this as a dedicated service with efficient pricing and understanding from your end.   We hope you enjoy too 🙂
What about protection from Denial of Service?
Yes - your DNS service comes with DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) protection built-in.  Architecture has load balancing to sustain high loads while providing quality response for your services, include attacks and mitigating appropriately.
What Payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal and Credit Card payments on all payment cycles offered by each service.