ONUX DNS ONE Unified Xperience Network

DNS(Domain Name Servers) is an integral part of your domain and associated services.  Connecting  your branded services, such as a website (www.yourbrand…) to email (you@yourbrand…), apps (app.yourbrand…) and so on.

Anytime a visitor comes to your site, their device uses DNS to find the location of your website.  Your website address(www.yourbrand…) converts into an IP address which is located on a server(cloud).  This look-up happens fast(milli-seconds) – and sends the visitor to your site.  Same as email and any of your services, each time a look-up is performed it needs to be quick, reliable and close to your visitor.

This is why DNS is important for your brandYour visitors come from Anywhere – using a geo-distributed network for DNS helps to bring your site closer to their location.  Reducing latency(site loading response) and providing a quality Xperience for visitors Anywhere!

DNS Features

  • Managed & Protected DNS
  • DDoS protection built-in
  • Full DNS Records Management
  • AnyCast Global DNS Network
  • Geo-Redundant & Localized

Managed DNS

  • Continuously updated in real-time
  • Load balanced for optimum performance
  • Global record updates within minutes
  • Smart Geographical network routing
  • All records support (SRV, CNAME, ALIAS…)