nAmE Lync

ONE Unified Brand Name across email, website, apps…etc

Name Lync Features

All records supported (SRV, CNAME, ALIAS…)

Managed & Protected DNS

AnyCast Global DNS Network

Load balanced for optimum performance

DDoS protection built-in

Geo-Redundant & Localized

Global record updates within minutes

Full DNS Records Management

Continuously updated in real-time

Smart Geographical network routing

DNS connects your custom branded services, such as a website (www.yourbrand…) to email (you@yourbrand…), apps (app.yourbrand…) and so on. This is why DNS is important for your brand – Your visitors come from Anywhere – using a geo-distributed network for DNS helps to bring your site closer to their location. Reducing latency(site loading response) and providing a quality Xperience for your visitors Anywhere!


Is Managed DNS Included with my Domain?

Yes – each domain gets premium managed DNS, and you can register a domain here.

How long does it take for a record change to update?

Updates happen within minutes across all global locations, when a DNS record is changes, updates are provisioned automatically shortly following saving record.

What is DDoS Protection?

This is a type of Distributed Denial of Service attack – meant to try and disable your online services by overloading servers.  Without Domain Name Server protection all your services could be interrupted during an attack attempt.

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