LoneSync Web Hosting

Built for your Custom ONE Unified Xperience

Integrated App Tools, Monitoring & Protection

WP or Studio

Flexibility to Create on WordPress or with easy-to-use Studio.

Inspire Creativity

Studio comes with pre-built designs to start quickly and customize.

Manage Updates

Auto apply WordPress Updates and manage plugins / themes.

Your Brand

Designed to use your domain for a Unique & Authentic Web Presence.


DIY WP Tools & Hosting

Ideal for Customizing WordPress

Use your own preferred Plug-ins

Install your own Tools & Theme

Adjust Plan Level Anytime


Designer and Hosting

Ideal for Creating & Less Tech

Unified & Managed Solution

Adjust Plan Level Anytime

Easy to Use Web Hosting Tools

Dashboard provides a clean and intuitive interface to manage files, plugins, sync, clone….more.

LoneSync WordPress Cloud Hosting - Security Measures

Check Security with easy to use options for enabling protection and viewing vulnerabilities.

Manage Files with a Clean & Unified File Manager built-in, there is no need for FTP.

LoneSync WordPress Cloud Hosting - File Manager
LoneSync WordPress Cloud Hosting - Database Manager

Manage Database with easy to use built-in Manager, export/import, view and edit DB with phpMyAdmin.

Web Hosting Features

Domain, Sub-Domain and Domain Alias Management.

SSL Management with Auto Provisioning & Renewal.

Log viewer to help with diagnosing errors.

PHP version handling.

Sleek Unified Management of WordPress Settings.

Easy to Clone existing installs for dev & testing.

File Editor built-in, make adjustments to code, css…etc.

Upload files or directories with built-in file manager.

Restore to a point in time of your last save/backup.

Quick Editing built-in for files & database.

Image and File Viewer.

Sync changes from previous during migration or dev.

Auto redirect http to http(s) for a secure presence.

Enhanced Site Security with HSTS & OCSP Stapling.

Secure domain aliases in tandem with main domain.

Web Hosting FAQ’s

Can I personalize my domain?

Yes – when proceeding through order, a domain option will be available. Here there is an option to either register a new one or use any existing domain you may have. This domain is used to initially setup and provision the website, additional domains pointing to the same site can be added at anytime later within the console.

If using an existing domain you own, make sure to have access to this domain prior for ease of setup.

Is SSL Certificate included with Web Hosting?

Yes – SSL Certificate will auto-provision upon successful domain setup, where the domain is pointing to the appropriate website IP. Auto provisioning will check until successful and auto-renew prior to certificate expiry.

Can a Plan be upgraded at anytime later?

Yes – upgrading is seamless and can be completed at anytime.

Is there an option to self-cancel?

Yes – Cancelling can be done within your account, either using ‘Sign-in’ in upper navigation or here. This will stop recurring subscription and terminate service at end of current renewal period. There is no fee for cancellation and no refund, planning cancellation to your current subscription helps to use up remaining credit.

*This step removes/deletes all content and is not restorable – please make sure to confirm prior.

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