Create your ONE Unified Xperience Design.

Integrated with your Authentic Brand & Domain.

Built-in Designer

A Designer that allows for Unique and Flexible Creativity.

Drag & Drop

With Studio you’ll be a pro the second you start using it.

UX(Unified Xperience)

Integrated Solution helping you Do More Creating with less Technical.

Built around your Brand

Designed to use your own custom domain for a unique online presence.

30-Day Free Trial

Easy to Try with NO commitment



monthly or ($60 yearly)

Beautiful Design Layouts

Drag and Drop Site Designer

User-friendly Visual Editing

Cutting Edge Designer UI

1-to1 Studio Insight

Studio Pro


monthly or ($150 yearly)

Everything in Studio +

Custom SEO & 404 Options

Optimize Social & Bot Meta

1 GB Site Content Storage

1-to-1 Studio Insight

Studio Pro X


monthly or ($300 yearly)

Pro + Xtended Integration

Azure AD Single Sign-on

Azure API App Integration

5 GB Site Content Storage

1-to-1 Studio Insight

Studio Features

Quick & Friendly Design

Continuously Updated

Personalize to your brand

DDoS protection built-in

Visitor Metrix built-in

Mobile Responsive Design

Personalize SEO & 404

Inspiring Design Layouts

Creative Icons

Inspiring & Easy to Use Designer

No matter if you’ve used a designer, with Studio you’ll be a Pro the second you start using it.


Edit images in real-time with easy to use options.

Be the Designer – with a Clean & Inspiring Studio layout, your thoughts are Clear & Visual without distraction.



Can I personalize my domain?

Yes – Studio comes with a sub-domain to help you get started, then at anytime a custom domain can be added.

Does the Trial require a credit card?

No – you can add one to make upgrade to a plan easier, or simply select PayPal option to continue. PayPal option allows you to proceed with no payment or subscription required.

During Free Trial – can I upgrade to a paid plan without changes?

Yes – a Free Trial can be upgraded at anytime within trial period, which simply moves from trial to paid plan with no changes. Which means all editing completed within trial stays with you through to plan upgrade.

Does Trial Require Cancellation if I do not upgrade to a paid plan?

No – Trial will only run for the trial period and then cancel itself, with no additional action or obligation. If you choose to upgrade, then you have the option to renew – otherwise trial site will cancel and remove by itself.

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