Windows Cloud VPS

Integrated Windows Virtual Private Server.

Cloud Firewall, Protection & Private Network.

Inclusive Platform

Providing predictable costs by including services & bandwidth allocation with plan.

Built for Windows

Flexible to configure and build on Windows Server Platform.

Complete Platform

Built to be Easy for Spinning up one or multiple servers and begin using stack quickly.

Unified Management

Quickly view server IP's for Public and Private Network, Region…etc.

Integrated Dashboard

OUX Cloud VPS Dashboard by LoneSync

Cloud VPS Dashboard

Spin-up Web Apps Easily

Private Network for back-end Server Applications

Multiple Regions and Availability Zones

Customizable Firewall Protection Rules

Create Snapshots to Backup and Easily Restore

Dynamic & Static Public Network IPs

Stop, Start and Reboot Servers at anytime.

Task History to see result of each request performed.

View Current Status of each VPS Instance.

Easy auto-renew on monthly or yearly plan.

Easy to self-cancel any service within Dashboard.

Multiple Instance sizes for a best fit to each project.

Cloud VPS Features

Control Instance Power

– Start a Stopped Instance.

– Stop Instance Anytime.

– Reboot Instance Anytime.

OUX Cloud VPS Start by LoneSync

Task Notification for clear indication on operation.

– Shows up in top-right.

– Easy to see Status.


Easily Add and Edit each Instance Firewall Rules.

– Add Rules, Ports and IP's allowed for each Instance.

– Edit each rule Anytime.

RDP Connection Details.

– Remote Desktop Credentials.

– Along with IP Address.


Use Snapshot feature to create a backup and restore.

– Create Snapshot to easily Restore as needed.

– Remove Snapshots no longer required at Anytime.


View Task History to see how each operation completed.

– Logs starts, stops…snapshots, firewall rules and more.

– Easily check back on items in the past to help standardize steps.

OUX Cloud VPS Tasks by LoneSync


Can a monthly plan be extended to Yearly later?

Yes – Monthly is ideal to get started and can be extended to a Yearly plan later as desired.

Can I configure a Cloud VPS per Region?

Yes – when ordering a Virtual Private Server(VPS), simply select the region desired for this instance. Ideal for moving applications closer to your users, or adding fault tolerance across regions.

Is there an option to get a static IP included?

Yes – during order there is the option to enable a static IP which is included at no cost.

Data Transfer Limits are lower in the following regions.*

With Data Transfer being more expensive in the following regions, limits are lowered in relation.

  • Mumbia and Sydney Plans are as follows:
  • Lite – 512 GB / month
  • Core – 1 TB / month
  • Pro – 1.5 TB / month
  • Pro S – 2 TB / month
  • Pro X – 2.5 TB / Month
  • Pro X4 – 3 TB / Month
  • Pro X8 – 3.5 TB / Month

Are DNS Zones a Combined Limit with Multiple VPS’s?

Yes – such as 2 servers would provide 10 Domain Zones.

Zone is per Domain – meaning ( is considered 1 Zone, where you can add unlimited Zone Records such as (,,…etc) under 1 Zone. If you have multiple domains, then use each domain under separate Zones.

More details on DNS setup can be found here.

Is 1-to-1 Insight Basic available within Dashboard?

Yes – Within Dashboard use the Request option found on the left-side, here one can send in a request and communicate directly. Each request keeps a history of communication, so you can reference details in past requests as well.

Once a request is open, email replies are also available and will keep a history within dashboard.

Can I adjust Firewall rules or set custom ports?

Yes – all built within the dashboard and easy to edit at anytime. Certain ports like 25 outbound are not open to prevent spamming, most others are available.

Is VPS monitored and protected for Abuse?

Yes – keeping your server and network as a whole safe and reliable are key to providing quality services. Therefore a server can be suspended if abusing network services. Keeping your server clean is critical to keeping service uninterrupted, implementing server level protection is ideal for prevention.

Are Snapshots removed when deleting a VPS?

Yes – Snapshots and all IP's are removed when cancelling or deleting a Cloud VPS, make sure to backup or export any data you want prior to cancelling or removing a VPS.

Is a Cloud VPS still billed when powered Off?

Yes – each VPS still retains resources and therefore continues being billed.

Cloud VPS’s are powered on AWS Network.

LoneSync Cloud Solutions are built on Multiple Platforms to achieve that ONE Unified Xperience. Here Cloud VPS's are powered on AWS while providing Anycast DNS Edge on it's own Cloud for fault tolerance.

Is there a Self Cancel option for each VPS?

Yes – each VPS can be cancelled independently via the dashboard. Keep in mind that when cancelling, assure all data is backed up externally at another location. ALL DATA pertaining to this VPS is removed upon Cancellation, including Snapshots and any IP's.

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