Be Unique & Authentic

(.com .ca .co .net .me.....)





Unique & Authentic Name…where your name is across all avenues, your website, email, apps and services. When you have your own domain name – you have full control over your name (www.yourname...), a unique and authentic trust that only comes with (you@yourname...).

Includes DNS

aka (Domain Name Servers)

ID Protection Included

Load Balanced Performance



Global Updates in Minutes

DDoS Protection built-in

DNSSEC Protection

Smart Geographical Routing


Is Domain Name Purchasing per-year?

Yes, when registering a domain it’s yours for the year – each year the domain needs to be renewed. Your domain can automatically renew for you, or simply complete renewal when you see the yearly reminder.

Is Pricing Inclusive?

Yes – domains include ID Protection and Name Lync which keeps your connected services quick, smooth and consistently reliable. 

What Domain Name Extensions are available?

Domain extensions(yourbrand.tld) and pricing can be viewed here.

Is a Domain Name suitable for Business as well as Personal?

Yes - a domain is your own brand and name, in business you want a domain which represents and matches business name and/or products/services. Obtaining domains means it's easy for clients and you secure from competitors, as leaving a domain available means another can register one matching your products/services and re-direct to their line.

Personal Domains are a unique way of providing you with an authentic and unique online presence as well as in email or social handles. (you@yourname...) just looks cool and professional vs (you@generic...) like everyone else. You also secure your name vs allowing another to take this opportunity away.

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