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About : ONE Unified Cloud Solution

Chad Lone Consulting grounding vision has always been to empower businesses and users in a way that Sync’s Technology with You! Where the technical components essentially fade into the background, while the benefits and cool aspects of Technology become a natural part of your every day.

While this goal has taken time to come alive in a truly Unified fashion, there has been significant advancement recently which has really elevated the overall vision of ONE Unified Cloud Solution. As this vision came to life a new name was appropriate, remaining with ground roots of Lone – became LoneSync. Where ‘Lone’ means ‘One’ – and ‘Sync’ is short for ‘Unified’. Providing both Service Name of LoneSync and slogan ONE Unified Xperience.

LoneSync uniquely references that One Unified Feel or Xperience

ONE Unified Xperience slogan came naturally from LoneSync

X emphasizes X(cross)-platform for (Android/Apple/Windows…)

LSX– (LoneSync Xperience) – natural service branding

Baked-in is a term used here allot….emphasizing the vision of true Integration for a seamless end-user Xperience. When this happens the underlying services become much more intuitive and allows more to be accomplished vs a simple connection between Services/Apps. At the same time improving reliability and predictability of services with a laser focus on a Quality Xperience.

LoneSync(by Chad Lone Consulting) – Personalized and Unified Xperience Solutions from Alberta, Canada.

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