It’s Your Brand

February 21, 2017

Remember all the hours you put into your business, ups/downs and finally coming up with a formula which works for you and your business? This effort becomes your brand, what your clients see and feel from you – it’s where the trust comes in your business. There is something about you that brings the vision to life, something your clients see in you that they like, trust and want to be a part of that vision.

You bleed the vision of your business vision, so why become a generic image with generic emails and online presence? Your clients live on technology and when you have items branded as you, this brings you into their lives. Instead of being a part of another company when you have a generic address (you@anothercompany…) – you get to bring your brand front and center with a branded address (you@yourcompany…)!

You may feel using a ‘free’ address is beneficial to you – but consider the only thing free is the advertising you are doing for them when you mention their company. Put that ‘free’ advertising into your business – let your clients see and feel that you are not apart of their technology lives too! With Suite you can build on your brand with custom email(you@yourbrand…), domain, integrated services...