Updates for ‘Coming Soon’ option in Outlook

April 5, 2019

In September 2018, Microsoft introduced a new “Coming Soon” feature that offers a preview of new user experience updates in Outlook for Windows.  Providing an opportunity to try new Xperiences and provide feedback. This month, a new density setting to control the amount of space between emails in the message list will be rolling out, as well as spacing around some of the elements visible when composing a message. This setting will show up for customers who have Coming Soon turned on(in upper-right).


Since Coming Soon was introduced, there has been a lot of valuable feedback about user Xperience updates. Majority of feedback on these improvements is positive, along with some users that they prefer tighter spacing in emails over the looser spacing that was designed to make the message list easier to scan visually. Now when you toggle Coming Soon to “On” you’ll have access to the new density setting option that’s located in the View tab in your Outlook ribbon. Similar to switching between the simplified and classic Ribbon, you can switch between standard and tighter spacing from the View tab in the ribbon.


Your engagement with Coming Soon features is appreciated and your feedback, and looking forward to continue receiving your suggestions on features in preview. In May, other user experience updates previously introduced in the Coming Soon pane will become the default experience and the on/off toggle and the Coming Soon pane will no longer be available. Coming Soon preview pane and toggle may re-appear when we are ready to roll out additional capabilities in preview.