ONUX Studio updated UI

October 23, 2019

ONUX Studio has a cool new UI – with a clean and inspiring feel which is easy to use. Designing a page or site in general takes time, and sometimes need inspiration to keep going. Same for making quick updates, you have a visual idea of what you want and simply desire to make it happen as quick as possible. This new update has been tailored specifically to make the overall Xperience of Design and Updating a much easier and more comfortable Feel! Starting by going with a darker design atmosphere and bringing out vivid coloring around controls, making this easier on the eyes and quick to see options as they pop-up when moving around within a page or post. Showing only what you need now along with options to get into more settings as desired. Whether one needs to build out a site, page or just an update – having a pleasant feel to work within is imperative to remain within the Zone of your original thought. It’s actually quite amazing how inspiration can deplete simply by a complex or ‘dry’ process – so allot of attention to detail has gone into a pleasant Xperience here in Studio. It’s been allot of fun building this out and hope you really enjoy too!

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