New Outlook Design

October 26, 2018

Within your Office 365 for Business/Enterprise you may have seen an option to check out the new Outlook Online – a toggle in the upper-right. A new design which now has a ‘dark theme’ available as you see here – Outlook on the Desktop has had this for a while and it’s quite nice to look at every-day.

White or bright back-grounds is like looking at clouds or snow all day – every heard of ‘snow blindness’? This is what starring at a white background feels like at times, especially with the vivid colors of monitors now. Makes white….well that much more vivid and hard on the eyes – while there are adjustments for night….etc – a nice background is not only pleasing for the eyes, it’s a nice distraction.

If you use Groups often – then you just might like the new built-in features of files and uploading folders vs just files.

New Outlook Preview-File-Folder-Upload

Outlook Settings has been redesigned for a nice clean layout, organizing options and bringing this front-and-center vs behind the scenes.

New Outlook Preview-Settings Layout

As you can see above – the dark theme is looking quite nice throughout these options with plenty more to come. If you see the new Outlook option in your Office 365 – give it a try, quick to turn on and off if you want back to the current design.