Microsoft Bookings for O365

September 1, 2016

Bookings is built-in Office 365 Business – helping you stay organized with the help of Outlook Calendar, it’s easy to set-up a meeting with staff and contacts within. While this works well with you knowing times of availability and view availability of connected staff/partners. What about clients who want to meet with you? Perhaps a new client or you have frequent recurring appointments that would be more efficiently scheduled by the client?

Now you can with Microsoft Bookings for Office 365 – a service which provides you a new calendar that is connected with your Office 365 Business Premium. A calendar which you can setup and connect with yourself and/or staff, seamlessly set availability and let bookings do the work for you. No more re-entry, or having duplicate calendars – now you can have an automated calendar doing the work for you, automatically sending out reminders for clients and staff and more. Allow your clients to book online, make adjustments on the fly such as cancelling or re-scheduling all without having to tie up your time in scheduling appointments.

Microsoft Bookings is included with your Office 365 Business Premium at no additional costs. Simply sign-in and begin using this cool new service, this is new and rolling out to all existing customers, if you do not see this yet – soon you will!