Microsoft 365 Business Free Trial

March 25, 2021

Microsoft 365 Business Free Trial provides you with an extensive list of services, from Professional Email to Online Storage, Meetings, Threat Protection and more all in-sync.  Services are built to be personalized and branded with your own professional domain(you@yourbrand…), which becomes your ONE Unified Sign-in across the Suite.


LoneSync Suite Plans include a 30-day Free Trial:

Suite Pro (Microsoft 365 Business Standard)

Suite Pro X (Microsoft 365 Business Premium)


Getting started is Easy – Proceed to Suite in the menu or click/tap here and select plan suitable for you.

– Once sign-up is completed you will receive an email confirmation.

– Trial proceeds through verification to weed out spam sign-ups.

– Verification matches up valid addresses, so make sure to verify details and prevent cancelled order.

– As this step completes and if the order is valid you will receive another email with access details.

– Once trial is active this will be available within your dashboard as well.

– Next step is to log-in with access details and test out features, add users, domain….whatever you want!


Trial is self cancelling with no steps to be completed….hopefully you enjoy and want to continue :)  If so, then all changes made within Trial will remain through to your subscription, so you continue like nothing changed.  Should you try out one plan and then want to change to another, not a problem as licenses can be interchanged and feature-set will adjust appropriately.  Such as if you want the Basic plan which is not available as a trial, then select Pro plan for the trial period and switch to Basic once trial completes.


*Please note this Microsoft 365 Business Trial Offer is only available in Canada.

Enjoy and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out within your Dashboard anytime.


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