Free VPN Trial powered by Private Lync

February 1, 2020

Beginning Today you can now get a 3-day VPN Free Trial!

Your own Private Lync to keep you protected while online at home, or on the move Anywhere.

– Connect up to 5-devices Simultaneously
– No upload/download limits
– No tracking or logging of any traffic
– Global reach, connect from or to Anywhere

A VPN(Virtual Private Network) provides you with an encrypted tunnel of protection across all your internet traffic, vs just securing one app or service.  With ONE Private Lync your connection is shielded from prying eyes, whether this is your internet provider, a coffee shop WiFi….and keeps your location a secret.  Now when you move around, your internet connection remains at One location of your Lync vs your physical location.  This way you can surf with added privacy, as well as access content that may be blocked or slow due to a poorly configured network.

Try out your Free VPN Trial here – which you can cancel anytime or let it expire with no action required.

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