Business Email Hosting

May 27, 2014

When it comes to looking at options for your Business Email Hosting, remember to compare the features which are important for you and your business. There are multiple email solutions and it’s important to consider what is important for you and how you would like your email to flow across your devices. In other words you may want to have your email replicated across your devices, then you may want to take this a step further and have anything you do on a device Sync across devices.

A popular feature when it come to Business Email Hosting services is Sync – not all email providers require a third-party service or App to Sync your devices.

There are 3 main services for your email:

- POP3(Post Office Protocol – this is the most popular and can support the basics, your email comes in and you retrieve your email from the Post Office box to your device. Just like going to the Post Office and getting your mail, once removed no mail is left for other devices to read. Now you can make a few changes on a per device scenario to leave a copy, however this is about the extent of having email across your devices.

- IMAP – with this one your devices can have a copy across devices, however there is usually a manual process required to have the update happen quickly. Deleted items usually show up with a line through the item until you ‘purge’ the mailbox. While this can work, it’s not completed efficiently and does not work well when wanting the same actions to replicate across your devices.

- MAPI – this is a protocol which provides your device with a connection to the service, not just the mailbox itself. Which means any device connected sees the same ‘picture’ per say, when you read an email on one device the other will see this also. Any actions completed either using the Web Access or device, will Sync across devices and there is no manual settings required. This protocol is built into Microsoft Exchange to provide best in class Business Email Hosting, provides compatibility with all your devices, not just mobile!

Email is a very important tool and when you have the right combination your email becomes a tool that is efficient. Services like Office 365 provides you with a connected experience using MAPI and ActiveSync(Mobile device Sync), simply connect your device and begin using without any manual changes required. If you like the ability to connect and go – then you many want to consider looking at a provider that can provide you with Exchange Email services.

While knowing all the ins and outs of Email services can be confusing, just know the main items of what you are looking for and ask questions to help confirm the experience you want.